Why this is website called “Just Stuff”?

I’m sure you know what it’s like. You have a collection of stuff you’d like to keep somewhere safe. But if you’re like me, sometimes the safest places I have are the ones I forget about the most. Lord only knows how mush stuff I have that’s stored away safe yet still unfound. And as I get older, there seems to be more unfound safe places.

Much of what I squirrel away is on computer hard drives. Then one day I had one crash leaving me feeling like I should have tried harder to keep the stuff on it safe.

The “Just Stuff” website was designed to house the things I want to keep safe and allow them to be shared with others. An on-line yards sale of odds and ends without the sticker price. Everything in this yard sale is “free”.

There’s some wilderness camping recipes. I spend a lot of time canoeing in Northern Ontario and these are good recipes for those people that need lightweight home-made dry food options. And there are some other recipes I’ve found over the years that I wanted to save and share.

The other posts are a few other odds and ends that I just wanted to have handy and accessible online for reference no matter where I was. You can’t remember everything right?

I hope some of what I’ve saved here might be of help or at least of interest to someone.

I’ll be updating the site as time permits. Check back again to see what’s been added.

Who is the Dog in the Banner?

chevyI thought you might ask ….

That’s our dog Chevy. He’s half Lab and half Sheppard. A “free-to-good-home” dog we picked up back in 2009.

He’s our local frizbee catching champion. And he fetches our morning paper for us from the end of our driveway. Sometime he fetches the neighbour’s paper too. I hate it when he does that.

Chevy just wanted to say “WOOF”!
Translation: Hope you enjoy your visit!

J.S. & Chevy