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My Reflector Oven

A friend of mine bought an old canvas hot tent from a gentleman who was in his late seventies a few years ago. And along with the tent he was given a wooden crate with numerous kinds of old camping … Continue reading

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iPhone, Foxconn and Robotics – The Unemployed

On May 24, 2016 Foxconn, who is located in China and manufactures the iPhones for Apple announced that it was replacing 60,000 workers with robots. This all done to improve profits. I would have to assume this was being done … Continue reading

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Arduino/Android Web Switch using App Inventor

I found a App Inventor program and sketch on the net that allowed me to control an output on my Arduino Uno using my smart phone. So with a bit of trial and error I modified the sketch and the … Continue reading

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Arduino – Send Email with Authentication

Many of the Send Email programs I ran across for the Arduino used a SMTP server. But I needed code that would email using user and password authentication. I found this tidbit on the Arduino Playground site. It took me … Continue reading

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Canadian Beer Date Codes

Have you ever wondered when was your can of beer made? I never did. But I found some info on it that seemed interesting enough to save and share. In Canada, which is where I live, brewers use a date … Continue reading

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Lazy Perogies

A dehydrated wilderness camping meal using dried lasagna noodles and instant mashed potatoes.

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Remove SyntaxHighlighter

In order to post code snippets, I needed a plugin that would show the code in a way most coders would understand. So to do that I downloaded the SyntaxHighlighter plugin. Although the plugin worked fine I started to notice … Continue reading

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VB.Net – TED5000 Reader

I bought a TED5000 a few years back to monitor the hydro my family was using. It monitors your hydro usage and tracks historical data too. You can learn more about the the company and the TED5000 by visiting their … Continue reading

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VBS – Play Sound

This is some VBA code I used on a project to add a looping alarm sound to a FactoryTalk View SE program. FactoryTalk View SE is a program that runs on a computer and is used as an operator interface … Continue reading

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VB.Net – Full Screen

The following VB.Net code renders the program you’re writing to the full screen size of the monitor being used and places it on top of all other windows.

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