My Reflector Oven

Baking Muffins

Baking Muffins

A friend of mine bought an old canvas hot tent from a gentleman who was in his late seventies a few years ago. And along with the tent he was given a wooden crate with numerous kinds of old camping gear. In this magical crate we found an old reflector oven. I was so intrigued by it’s design that I decided to make another.

The original oven was built from thick sheet metal which made it too heavy for my canoe camping style. So I adapted the design and built mine out of 16 gauge aluminum.

Mmmmm. Lasagna.

Mmmmm. Lasagna.

It’s been on many trips and although somewhat blackened with use, still works as well today as when I first baked in it.

Be forewarned however that this design is not simple to make. There are many other
designs available on the internet that work just as well, but are easier to build.

Whether you build this design or use another, I m sure you ll enjoy the many tasty meals a reflector oven can make.

Here’s a galley of images that show the reflector oven I made about 10 years ago. It has a lot more wear and tear on it today. But it still works great.

You can download the plans for this oven in PDF form using this link. The plans were done up using AutoCad and gives all the dimensions. And the plans contain some other useful info on how to build it and about cooking using a reflector oven.

Bon Appetit!

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